Central Solano Citizen/Taxpayer Group (CSCTG)

The Central Solano Citizen/Taxpayer Group is a tax-exempt civic league organization as defined under the IRS Code, Section 501(c)4. The organization is located in the County of Solano, State of California.

The purpose of the Central Solano Citizen/Taxpayer Group is to establish a volunteer, politically non-partisan, organization of citizen taxpayers in Central Solano County.  CSCTG is located in  the City of Fairfield, CA.

 The organization has two main objectives:

✰  Reducing the burden of taxes

✰  Advocating open and efficient government

This website thetaxwatchers.org and our facebook page The Tax Watchers are used to keep the public informed of our activities, provide useful information and links to internet sites/sources that may help  citizens/taxpayers stay informed.

The main activities that our members engage in to meet our objectives are staying informed on current activities of the City Commissioners, County Board of Supervisors and many of the dozens of agencies that manage the resources and direct the use of the funds for our cities and Solano County along with State of California.

Individual members attend and participate local government meetings and then brief the organization during our monthly meetings. These meetings are open to the public and all interested parties are invited to attend. We also stay informed through news outlets, briefings from representatives of various organizations, public officials and other knowledgable sources. Members sit on various bond oversight boards, write articles to the local newspapers, submit recommendations and arguments for or against measures in the Solano County Voter Information Pamphlets produced and distributed to all registered voters.

A Special Thanks To All Of Our Other Supporters!
Many business’s and citizens have joined our organization to help protect our citizens from all types of government inefficiency. We thank our volunteer members for their commitment to keeping things in check! Thanks for your constant monitoring and assistance on all of the issues.

Our Executive Committee:

President: Janet Roberts

Vice President: Bob Jarvis

Treasurer: Bob Charboneau

Secretary: Tonya Williams

At Large Members: Barbara Pisching and Earl Heal

Data Analyst: Bob Jarvis


A Special Thanks To Our Donors:

Our World Enterprises / Our World Hosting – Dave Hobley (Former V.P. CSCTG)

Web Hosting and Development Support





“Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.” ~ Ronald Reagan


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