CSCTG’s suggestions to save Fairfield taxpayers money…

Citizen Taxpayer Group - No New Taxes

Read below, Central Solano Citizen/Taxpayer Group’s suggestions to save Fairfield Taxpayers Money:


City of Fairfield

1000 Webster Street

Fairfield, CA 94533

Attn: City Manager

Following the City Council’s January study session, you invited us to recommend ways the City could reduce spending. Here are the recommendations of our Citizen/Taxpayer Group:

✰  Eliminate functions except those that must be done, and can only be done by the City’s government.

✰  Outsource every function that can be done by the private sector.

✰  Fix the employee compensation system: make it like the private sector.

✰  Investigate getting out of the Public Employee Retirement System. Seek a pension provider in the private sector; there are many.

✰  Remove paramedics from fire trucks. Have Medic Ambulance respond to medical calls.

✰  Consider using firemen for code enforcement.

✰  Eliminate laws and regulations not essential for public safety.

✰  Approve no more residential development until proper public services can be provided to the entire city.

✰  Make sure all fees and assessments comply with the State Constitution, Article XIII.

✰  Sell or lease both golf courses.

✰  Make public transportation programs pay for themselves.

✰  Allow public use of the Police Shooting Range; charge enough to pay for the opening.

✰  Use volunteers wherever reasonable; e.g., running Allen Witt gym and pool, in return for some priority use; running the Senior Center.

✰  Eliminate medical insurance coverage for part-time city employees.

✰  Health, dental and vision insurance should also be dropped for elected members.

Most of these items need study and acceptance by the community. We recommend that staff work with citizen groups as was done in Vision 2020, to build viable proposals. Our members will be pleased to participate.

(authored by George Guynn -CSCTG past president, addressed to Sean Quinn – former Fairfield City Manager)

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