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Keep more of your hard earned money by eliminating government waste, inefficiency and constantly increasing tax rates. Let our public servants know; “No New Taxes!”

Keep yourself informed by attending public meetings and researching topics of interest that are being discussed so you may take part in the decisions being made by our elected representatives and appointed staff.

Attend some of our CSCTG Tax Watchers Meetings – See who we are & what we do. 

We meet the second Friday of each month at:   Benicia Grill 2,  2390 North Texas Street, Fairfield, CA 94533

We have lunch (11 a.m.) and visit with members and guests; the official meeting starts at noon.

Attend one our monthly meetings to learn a little more about what we do, you may even want to join. You can even download an application right now!  CSCTG APPLICATION

There are open government agency meetings every week; Don’t wait for our monthly meeting – attend one of the following meetings that may of interest to you. Look for one of the CSCTG Tax Watchers wearing the large yellow “No New Taxes” badges.

Here are the regular monthly meeting schedules for local government agencies. Their agendas are usually available on the respective web sites, at least three business days prior to the meeting day.

✰  Fairfield City Council — first and third Tuesdays, 6 PM
City of Fairfield City Council Meeting Agendas/Minutes

✰   Fairfield Planning Commission – second and fourth Wednesdays, 7 PM Planning Commission Meetings – Agendas

✰  Suisun City Council — first and third Tuesdays, 7 PM  Schedule and Agendas

✰  Suisun City Planning Commission – second and fourth Tuesdays, 7 PM
Planning Department Webpage

✰  FSUSD Board — second and fourth Thursdays, 7 PM  Governing Board Webpage

✰  FSUSD  Measure C Citizens’ Oversight Committee – Meas C info and Agendas

✰  Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District — fourth Monday, 7 PM  Meetings and Agenda

✰  Solano County Board of Supervisors — first, second and fourth Tuesdays, 9 AM
Solano County Board Of Supervisors Agendas, Minutes & Minutes

✰  Solano County Planning Commission – first and third Thursdays, 7 PM Meetings and Agendas

✰  Solano County Airport Land Use Commission – second Thursday, 7 PM

✰  Solano County Mosquito Abatement District – second Monday, 7:30 PM

✰  Solano Transportation Authority – second Wednesday, 6 PM – Info & Meetings

✰  Solano Irrigation District – third Wednesday, 7 PM

✰  Solano LAFCO – even months, second Monday, 10 AM

✰  Solano County Board of Education – second Wednesday, 6 PM

✰  Solano Community College Board – first and third Wednesdays, 7 PM

 ✰  Solano Community College Citizen Bond Oversite Committee – Measure Q info & Meetings


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If Membership in the CSCTG isn’t for you – use the resources on this website and participate in the most popular way of protecting your rights by going to the ballot box and making informed decisions for candidates and ballot measures.

§ It’s one of the easiest ways! Please click on “Vote” for more information and register to vote in the next election.




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