Welcome, we are a politically NON-PARTISAN ORGANIZATION with two main objectives:

✰  Reducing the burden of taxes

✰  Advocating open and efficient government


We meet at NOON,  the 2nd Friday of each month

at Benicia Grill II, 2390 Texas Street, Fairfield.

Our Facebook Page: Taxwatchers

Our email: csctgpres@gmail.com


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Proposition 13

All Tax Watchers need to be vigilant for the near constant attacks on this legislation since it was passed June 6th, 1978. A good place to check it the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association.  – Major Threats to Prop 13


Citizen Bond Oversight Committees (CBOC)

Government at all levels are find it easier to fund projects with 30 to 40 year bonds for major expenses. This effectively doubles the cost of any project. In order to get these bonds passed citizens must pass these Bond Measures by a 2/3 majority. The requirement drops to 51% if the measure includes having a Citizen Bond Oversight Committee to oversee that the funds are being spent as stated in the measure was voted on. This sounds good but sometimes turns out to be little more than “window dressing” used to get the money.

Operational Guidelines for Bond Oversight Committees – CaLBOC Guidelines