Welcome to the Central Solano Citizen/Taxpayer Group (CSCTG)!

The purpose of the CSCTG  is to establish a volunteer, politically non-partisan, organization of citizen taxpayers in Central Solano County.  We are located in the City of Fairfield, CA.

 The organization has two main objectives:

✰  Reducing the burden of taxes

✰  Advocating open and efficient government


Notice of upcoming events 

Our Next Central Solano Citizen/Taxpayer Group meeting begins at 12 p.m. Friday, October 11th at the Benicia Grill II, 2390 N. Texas Street. Members and guests are invited for lunch prior to the meeting from 11 – 12:00.

 We can’t list everything on this page so make sure to check the other pages for items that may be of interest to you.  Many of the articles on our Facebook page never make it to the website pages so here is a direct shortcut – The Taxwatchers Facebook Posts.

 Local government meetings are usually listed Monday’s  in the Fairfield Daily Republic. Dec 9th through 13th – Week Ahead: Solano agency meetings.

Tax Watchers President’s email csctgpres@gmail.com


CSCTG Tax Watchers and Friends “In The News”

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Recent local government meetings and links with more details.

 Solano Board of Supervisors schedules special meeting on RM 3 ballot placement –  Daily Republic Story by Todd Hansen 2.18.2018

 San Francisco Bay Area Restoration Authority. – Website and Measure AA info

Solano County Board of Supervisors – Agendas, Minutes, Videos of Recent Meetings

More Articles and Reports of Interest –  Solano Board of Supervisors not pleased with County Fair Budget Report.

Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District / Citizens’ Oversite Committee for Measures C and J –  Agendas & Meeting Dates

CSCTG member Barbara Pisching  gave this Measure J report at our Feb 9th meeting.

The 2016-2017 Measure J Performance Audit will be available to the public on March 12, 2018.

There are four lease-leaseback construction projects to be completed this year:

1. Oakbrook Elementary – modernization and new administration building @ $8 millio

2. Public Safety Academy – new library and gym @ $22 million.

3. Suisun Valley K-8 – new library and gym @ $8 million, in addition to the new parking lot which was completed for $2.5 million.

4. Tolenas Elementary – modernize for security @ $3 million.

FSUSD Facilities Manager reported that the current commercial construction cost for public buildings is at $600 per square foot.

Lighting upgrades at Armijo and Fairfield High Schools are in progress and being paid as Prop. 39 projects.

Funding for future maintenance of Measure J buildings projects will be paid from an increased annual maintenance budget (Fund 14).

The CBOC will prepare within the next few months their annual report on Measure J spending after review of the Performance Audit.

End of report, Official Minutes of the meeting will be posted soon.


CA Gas Tax – CA SB 1 Transportation Funding; the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017

The CSCTG Tax Watchers are joining other groups in protesting this increase by attempting to get this legislation repealed in the 2018 Elections. Here are a few links to articles that may be of interest.   HJTA – Gas Tax Increase With Novacaine

This article by Dan Walters on the CALmatters.org website shows the type of misleading information that is sometimes found in the titles of ballot measures at all levels of government.
Distorting ballot measure title undermines electoral system.


 Coming Soon to a ballot near you!

November 2018 will be here before you know it and we will be keeping our eyes open for proposed legislation that will be of interest and concern to the people paying the bills; you and me! Stay tuned – more to come.

Several CA Measures are already being proposed; here is a listing of them. Most will not ever get enough signatures to be placed on the ballot but you can probably get a feel for one’s that might get a chance. – Initiatives and Referenda Cleared for Circulation


 Propositon 13 – All Tax Watchers need to be vigilant for the near constant attacks on this legislation since it was passed June 6th, 1978. A good place to check it the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association.  – Major Threats to Prop 13


This is not really a breaking story, more like a tidal wave that is about to hit.

“Stopping the Runaway Pension Train” BY CAROLYN COLEMAN – Runaway Pension Train

Some projects don’t end – such as Monitoring How Effectively Tax/Bond Money Is Being Spent. 

Union Sponsored Project Labor Agreements (P.L.A.’s) – The unions are pushing project labor agreements on many projects which increase project and labor costs due to many union work rule limitations, decreased competition, which further drive up the costs to the taxpayers on taxpayer paid projects. The Central Solano Citizen/Taxpayer Group opposes Project Labor Agreements and urges government agencies to avoid such costly and burdensome constraints on their projects.




TheTruthAboutPLAs is a project of Associated Builders and Contractors designed to track and disseminate news and relevant information about the detrimental effects of government-mandated project labor agreements (PLAs). PLAs are costly and discriminatory pre-hire construction agreements that effectively restrict qualified merit shop contractors and their skilled employees from bidding and working on construction projects. – TheTruthAboutPLAs.com


Citizen Bond Oversight Committees (CBOC)

Government at all levels are find it easier to fund projects with 30 to 40 year bonds for major expenses. This effectively doubles the cost of any project. In order to get these bonds passed citizens must pass these Bond Measures by a 2/3 majority. The requirement drops to 51% if the measure includes having a Citizen Bond Oversight Committee to oversee that the funds are being spent as stated in the measure was voted on. This sounds good but sometimes turns out to be little more than “window dressing” used to get the money.


California League of Bond Oversight Committees (CaLBOC)

Operational Guidelines for Bond Oversight Committees – CaLBOC Guidelines



We have more stories for Tax Watchers than we could ever hope to fit on this website. Plenty of good reading on our facebook page!    Facebook – TheTaxWatchers 






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