Items of concern to the CSCTG Tax Watchers and all area residents.

Ongoing Concerns 

Water Bonds – The CSCTG tax watchers have been critical of proposed water bonds largely due to no money allotted for dams. CalMatters thinks maybe some water storage is in the works. Big water moves mark Brown’s final months

CalPERS – Pension investment returns have not been performing anywhere near acceptable in the past several years. View these various articles from the CalMatters website. – California’s Pension Crisis

SacBee  article on changes to CalPERS urged by Gov Brown – Jerry Brown to Supreme Court: Hurry up and hear my pension law case.

Property Taxes – As the debt rockets upwards property owners are open game for tax hunters.

History of Proposition 13 –  Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association

HJTA Legislative Page – Attacks on Prop 13

Bonds, Bonds, Bonds; If we spend too much to cover necessary expenses, “Let’s issue some bonds!” – Politics may defeat common sense on bonds….

Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District Measure J; – “The bids we are receiving for projects are as much as 15% – 40%  higher than estimates from just a few months ago.” 


Local Budgets – The cities and counties publish budget reports and we all should take a look at what’s in them.

City of Fairfield FY 2017/18 and 2018/19 Budget / CIP (Capitol Improvement Plan). Tax Watchers should not be surprised to find on page A-6, the 8 yr Gen Fund Forecast includes extending Measure P for another 15 years. This is a very short presentation/overview of the future budget, only 29 pages simple charts and explantions. – FF Budget Overview

Get a cup of coffee and find your glasses for the City of Fairfield, CA Budget and Financial Plan FYE June 30, 2018 and 2019. It’s 382 pages and includes the “short presentation” Budget Overview. You can download it as a PDF file and enjoy it at your leisure. –  FF Budget/Financial Plan

Solano County Budget – FY2017/18 Adopted Budget – You will be happy that you already finished the Fairfield budget and that this one is a mere 241 pages. – Solano FY2017/18 Adopted Budget

FY2018/19 Recommended Budget – Read or Download all 543 pages


Government Waste

Several past ballot measures have progressed into virtual money pits that plague taxpayers for decades. Projected costs skyrocket, Promised Benefits disappear, Poor mangagement/oversight of construction projects leads to increased expense.

CALmatters Train to Nowhere

Bay Bridge Repair – Short History

More detailed look at the Bridge

Oroville Dam – Still a National Story

 The Secret (not so secret to freeway users) about the HOV Lanes


Central Solano Citizen/Taxpayer Group’s suggestions to save Fairfield Taxpayers Money: 

✰  Eliminate functions except those that must be done, and can only be done by the City’s government.

✰  Outsource every function that can be done by the private sector.

✰  Fix the employee compensation system: make it like the private sector.

✰  Investigate getting out of the Public Employee Retirement System. Seek a pension provider in the private sector; there are many.

✰  Remove paramedics from fire trucks. Have Medic Ambulance respond to medical calls.

✰  Consider using firemen for code enforcement.

✰  Eliminate laws and regulations not essential for public safety.

✰  Approve no more residential development until proper public services can be provided to the entire city.

✰  Make sure all fees and assessments comply with the State Constitution, Article XIII.

✰  Sell or lease both golf courses.

✰  Make public transportation programs pay for themselves.

✰  Allow public use of the Police Shooting Range; charge enough to pay for the opening.

✰  Use volunteers wherever reasonable; e.g., running Allen Witt gym and pool, in return for some priority use; running the Senior Center.

✰  Eliminate medical insurance coverage for part-time city employees.

✰  Health, dental and vision insurance should also be dropped for elected members.

Most of these items need study and acceptance by the community. We recommend that staff work with citizen groups as was done in Vision 2020, to build viable proposals. Our members will be pleased to participate.

(authored by George Guynn -CSCTG past president, addressed to Sean Quinn – former Fairfield City Manager)

These were written a few years ago but are still valid points.


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